Managing yourself better at work

Making sure your manager knows how to actually manage people is one thing, but sharing that responsibility to manage yourself is equally as important.

Shaped by Adversity

Struggles with myself and everything else have taught me lessons that no class ever could, and I do believe everything is always a matter of perspective.

Valentine’s Day is Overrated

When I was filled with desperation, I just wanted to be with someone; that same desperation let me settle for people who turned out to be not really worth my time. Years of dealing with insecurity, doubt, anxiety, anger, and heartbreak, all because I didn’t want to be single anymore. But once I stopped focusing on trying to attract someone and simply decided to focus on making myself better, the right one came along.

Answering the Unanswerable and Finding your Own Way

To be honest, our purpose is never clearly defined until we start to ask the question while finding our way around others. The realisation slowly sets in that it’s a big world full of other people once we start interacting with what’s around us. In that sense, we do not live for ourselves; we do not live today to die tomorrow without knowing others, going places, and being curious about new things.

Encouraging Failure: Insights from 2017

My 2017 was filled with chances, failures, breakdowns, and a whole lot of trying to keep everything upright. But the best part of it was that I’m still here a year later.