Back at Kagura

My college friends and I have often eaten at Kagura in Little Tokyo, Makati since we were still struggling students. Almost 5 years later after graduation, we went back to this haven to have some classic okonomiyaki – never gets old, the food and the company. This time, the difference is we have Chase with…

Test Shots

In college, I was the classmate who would constantly hold a camera up to people’s faces and take photos/videos of everything. Today, I’m picking up my camera again and starting from “scratch” with photography.

A Hong Kong Holiday, Pt.3

Finally, the last batch of photos from this trip after x months! This is probably the most colorful day we’ve had, originally having plans but not really having an exact plan — which led to a pretty cool experience of getting lost.

A Hong Kong Holiday, Pt. 2

It was a win-win situation in the end. I got to go to a theme park, Chase’s motion sickness didn’t have to suffer, and we both created a brand new memory for the trip. Although we shall not speak in details about how dizzy he was after we rode the fast Star Wars ride, Hyperspace Mountain. Oopsies.