Heart of Gold — The Latest ‘Wonder Woman’ Film

Note: This review contains no spoilers about the film. Sometimes, it takes one man to make the first step for everyone else to follow — in this case, it takes one woman. The latest DC Entertainment, Inc. (DCEI) film, Wonder Woman, as you might have heard, is a vindicating experience after Batman vs Superman. After an…

Logan – A Story of Loneliness

Warning: Spoilers ahead. A story of loneliness Logan, the last Wolverine installment portrayed by Hugh Jackman, may seem like your ordinary superhero (or more appropriately, mutant) story at first glance. A picture portrays a thousand words, however.

Passion / Frustration

It’s definitely frustrating to not be doing what you want for the rest of your life, to know where you want to go but not know how to get there.