Morning Warmth

Leisurely photowalk with a former officemate, Teacher Rosie. In this short stint, I was able to learn more about angles and time maximization. We were supposed to start at an early hour in the morning but traffic in Manila is hell — even on weekends — so with minimal directing here and there, we were…

Test Shots

In college, I was the classmate who would constantly hold a camera up to people’s faces and take photos/videos of everything. Today, I’m picking up my camera again and starting from “scratch” with photography.

Flora – Nov. 28

Landscape around Bag of Beans. Everything is so picturesque during that rainy day. Here are a few of my favorite shots:


Acrylic on 10×14″ canvas, 2016

Bloom #2

Acrylic on 18×24″ canvas, 2015